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GTA Chinatown Wars Comes to Shibuya's Nuts

Cyberfront puts DS's first Z-rated game on playable display ahead of release.


Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is at long last seeing release here in Japan later this month. Publisher Cyberfront announced today plans to celebrate the game's delayed release with a big pre-release promotional push.

Chinatown Wars will be featured at a preview event to be held on October 22 late night at Shibuya Nuts. That's seriously the name of a club!

In addition to sampling the first playable build of the game's Japanese version, attendees will be able to groove to the spins (this is what the kids call it nowadays) of DJ TY-KOH, DJ Space Kid, and Ghetto Super Star, visiting from Kyoto.

Admission to the event is ¥3,000 for the men (one drink included) and ¥1,000 for the ladies (no drink included).

Chinatown Wars hits on October 29, priced at ¥6,090. It will be the DS's first Z-rated game.

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