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Tatsunoko VS Cacpom Goes Playable Next Month

Another character "unveil" could be on the way as the crossover fighter hits Osaka.

Tekkaman Blade and Frank West won't be alone for long.

Tatsunoko VS Capcom Ultimate All-Stars was shown at last month's Tokyo Game Show, but only the press was able to play it. According to project manager Akihito Kadowaki at the Ultimate All-Stars official blog, Capcom was unable to make enough space for playable kiosks on the show floor.

It looks like the general public will get a play chance shortly. On November 14 and 15, Capcom's home town of Osaka will see the annual Games Japan Festa event. Ultimate All-Stars will be playable here, the blog post confirms.

The blog hints that the Games Japan Festa build will have something that wasn't in the build that was shown during a stage event at the Tokyo Game Show.

Before you get all excited, keep in mind that Kadokwaki is probably just talking about the unveiling of another character. The full roster of additional characters leaked out last month.

Elsewhere in the post, Kadowaki says that development on Ultimate All-Stars is "to a certain extent" done and that he's hard at work on promotional activities. As this is a worldwide simultaneous release, promotions for the game will take place simultaneously throughout the world.

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