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Tecmo Koei Press Conference Live Blog

Announcements that have already been announced will be announced... again. They've gotta start putting these things on Mondays.


Tecmo Koei is announcing some mystery product at a press conference today in Tokyo. You might have heard somewhere that the mystery product is Fist of the North Star Musou, which was revealed through Famitsu leaks yesterday. Well guess what? You're... probably right.

I'm still going to be live blogging from the event anyway. Why? Well, what if there's some new information revealed on the game? What if they announce download content? What if they announce online play? And, let's not forget the possibility of a new Zelda trailer.

The press conference kicks off at 1:30 Japan Standard Time and lasts until... [checks invite]... 3:00? 3:00!? Wow... a whole one and a half hours of Fist of the North Star Musou.

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14:57 -- Check back for more later!

14:57 -- I'll close off the blog here.

14:57 -- Time for a photo session!

14:57 -- That's it!

14:56 -- Not sure why they couldn't broadcast this though.

14:56 -- Koei Tecmo CEO Kenji Matsubara is speaking.

14:54 -- Can Matsubara not be broadcast or something?

14:53 -- What the!?

14:53 -- They're stopping the Nico Nico feed.

14:53 -- Hmm...

14:53 -- I bet Tecmo Koei's president is going to take the stage now!

14:52 -- Hopefully we'll get photo session time with Tanimura (and everyone else too I guess...)

14:51 -- Everyone is giving final messages.

14:33 -- They're joined by Kenshrio voice actor Konishi and Tanimura for a talk session.

14:31 -- It's Fist of the North Star creators Buronson and Tetsuo Hara!

14:30 -- Hmm... another special guest!

14:30 -- They're talking about Tanimura's incredibly sexy outfit.

14:29 -- Uh-oh... another talk session!

14:29 -- Konimua says that the songs will be used in PVs and so forth and will also probably be used in the game -- ending theme and so forth.

14:28 -- It seems that she made the songs herself for the game.

14:27 -- She says that she really likes the Kenshiro character.

14:24 -- Now Tanimura is sharing some comments with Koinuma and the announcer.

14:20 -- What an outfit!

14:20 -- This time, there's a band.

14:20 -- It's once again Nana Tanimura.

14:19 -- This next one was made in the image of Mamia.

14:19 -- It was a ballad.

14:19 -- The first song was made in the image of Yuria.

14:19 -- They're introducing the theme song.

14:18 -- I think it may be a live performance.

14:17 -- They're setting up for something else.

14:17 -- The voice actors have left the stage.

14:15 -- Hmm... they've got 45 minutes left. What else are they going to announce?

14:14 -- The cast is giving final messages.

14:08 -- Konishi says that, different from most games, recording for Hokutou Musou was done by the staff assembling together and acting out their parts together. Most games tend to have characters voice their parts individually.

14:00 -- The voice actors are sharing episodes from their recording.

13:59 -- ... a life-sized Kenishiro figure, based off the Musou version model.

13:58 -- And he brings Kenishiro!

13:58 -- Koinuma joins all four on stage.

13:57 -- Yuria: Kuwashima Hoko, Rin: Kanae Ito, Raoh: Tachiki Fumihiko, Kenishiro: Katsuyuki Konishi.

13:54 -- The announcer says that well known voice actors will be appearing in the game.

13:53 -- Bet there's going to be a talk session.

13:53 -- Hmm... they're bringing out the chairs!

13:53 -- Koinuma's part of the presentation ends.

13:52 -- You also have a super gauge which you can build up to perform super moves. As you build up your character, you'll learn additional super attacks.

13:51 -- You can make use of a backstep move during combat, allowing you to evade attacks.

13:50 -- Actually, scratch that... this is just a boss fight.

13:49 -- This is set up like a fighting game, with two characters facing off, shouting out taunts first.

13:49 -- The next clip, they're showing I believe the Gekitou Mode.

13:49 -- The sand bags, once they've scattered, will react to your walking through them.

13:48 -- You can also punch stacks of sand bags, sending them flying out and striking enemies -- this is all physics-based, apparently.

13:47 -- It looks like a Fist of the North Star Musou game -- just like the title says!

13:47 -- In one sequence, Kenshiro picks up an enemy and tosses him at a wall, breaking through the wall.

13:46 -- However, there are lots of new elements, like "step in," "step out" and throwing. These will be detailed once development has advanced further.

13:46 -- He says that he believes Musou players should be able to get the hang of things quickly.

13:45 -- He's taking control of Kenshiro.

13:44 -- The first clip is from Densetsu Mode.

13:44 -- Now he's going to show in-game footage while detailing the game.

13:43 -- All of this was leaked out yesterday, of course.

13:43 -- He announces a release time frame of 2010 -- PS3 and 360.

13:42 -- And Gentou Mode, where you get to try "what if" fights.

13:42 -- Densetsu Mode, where you follow the story of the original manga.

13:42 -- There are two modes.

13:42 -- He goes on to game modes.

13:41 -- He's showing some of what leaked out of Famitsu -- visuals of the characters and so forth.

13:40 -- He says they're hoping to make a "Hokutou world that has reality"

13:38 -- He begins with a summary of the game.

13:38 -- Producer Koinuma Hisashi takes the stage.

13:37 -- The song was the Hokutou Musou theme song, sung by Nana Tanimura.

13:37 -- The CG trailer ends and an announcer takes the stage.


13:36 -- This trailer is all CG.

13:35 -- But, it keeps on going after the girl jumps off the building.

13:35 -- It's the same teaser trailer from TGS.

13:34 -- The theme song finishes, the curtains clear, and they begin showing a trailer.

13:33 -- They've got some lady singing what I guess is the theme song.

13:31 -- It's starting!

13:24 -- The press conference will start in about 5 minutes.

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