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Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Board Game Detailed

Build up your characters by working through Command Board.


One of the biggest mysteries from the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Tokyo Game Show trailer was a brief sequence that showed what appeared to be a board game. This week's Weekly Shounen Jump has at long last shared a few specifics.

The board game is called "Command Board." Separate from the main adventure, you can work through Command Board to power up the command skills that you use during combat. To play, you roll dice and advance your character across the board spaces, earning Board Points along the way. Landing on certain spaces will trigger events.

This board game is played with "rivals." One strategy for success is to have support characters appear and steal your rivals' Board Points. The big question is, will the rivals be human controllable or is this just a versus CPU thing? Jump does not say.

The magazine does promise more details on the Command Board system in the next issue of V Jump. That's due for October 21 release, so the wait for more info will not be long.

Outside of the board game, the magazine also has a first look at the all new Land of Departure world, along with the mustached Master Eraquis. One of the few Keyblade Masters in the world, Eraquis is teacher to main characters Ventus, Tera and Aqua. He sends his pupils out on a journey when the world is confronted with danger.

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