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God of War III Demo Hits After Infamous

No early preview for Japanese players.

This news infuriates Kratos, or as he's known here, Kuratosu.

For those who've already played the international version of Infamous, the Japanese version, due on November 5, became far more notable when Sony announced last week that a product code for a God of War III demo would come bundled in. This appeared to suggest that buyers of the Japanese Infamous would have access to the demo ahead of overseas players, who'd have to wait until God of War Collection's November 17 release.

Alas, this particular flying get wasn't meant to be. Sony updated the Infamous official site today with details on the demo offer. While a product code for the God of War III demo will indeed be included with the first print run of the game, players will not be able to actually use the code until November 19. This will likely make the demo a worldwide simultaneous offering.

In other Infamous news, those who want to sample the Japanese version have access to a demo starting today. You'll have to go a bit out of your way to get it, though. Sony is distributing fliers at select game shops. These fliers contain product codes which can be used to access the demo.

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