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Nintendo Formally Announces Pokepark Wii

Get your first look at Wii's new Pokemon adventure game.


Pokepark Wii is no longer a secret shared between retailers and the people who happen to read retailer blogs. Nintendo and Pokemon formally announced the new Wii Pokemon title today, sharing screenshots and pricing information in the process.

As leaked out last week from a retailer briefing , Pokepark Wii will is a retail Pokemon game that's being developed by Creatures. The game is set for December 5 at ¥4,800.

Nintendo's formal announcement today did not share any actual details on the game, but thankfully retailers provided a general summary earlier this week.

In Pokepark Wii, you take control of Pikachu and work through mini games with other Pokemon. After making friends with Pokemon through tag, battle, and quiz mini-games, you can cooperate with your new friends in more advanced events.

Interaction with Pokemon appears to be one of the main attractions. The game offers a screen grab mode that lets Pokemon fans take pictures of their favorite Pokemon.

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