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Sin & Punishment Demo Hits Retail This Weekend

Sample Treasure's latest in advance of its October 29 release.


Nintendo always seems to wait until just before release to start hyping up its games. Sin & Punishment 2 is no exception to the rule, but at least it's getting quite a bit of attention now.

The company recently opened an official site for the game. Go there for a close up look at the world, characters, stages, and gameplay. The gameplay section has confirmation that the game will support both Classic Controller and GameCube Controller options, in addition to Wiimote and Wii Zapper.

You'll also find a couple of movies at the official site (click the little film reels in the lower left). The game's Wii.com special site also has a commercial.

Movies and screens are fine and all, but wouldn't you rather get some hands on play time in? Looks like Nintendo will be providing an opportunity for just that! Starting on the 17th, a demo of Sin & Punishment 2 will hit retailers nationwide. You can get a full list of locations at the official site.

It's not quite a downloadable demo, but this is definitely one game I won't mind heading out to a retailer to try.

Recently released screenshots of Sin & Punishment 2.

Those without access to a participating retailer won't have to wait too long for a play chance, as Sin & Punishment 2 is due for release on October 29.

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