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Survey Reveals Japan's Deep Rooted Hatred of Slime

Metallic Slime gets mass killed by Dragon Quest IX players.


Slime is a rarity amongst gaming enemies in that he's managed to get his very own series of video games. You might think this means that Japan loves the spherical little critter with his eyes so circular and his lips so pink. You would be right, if by love you meant "loves to kill."

Square Enix posted the results of a Dragon Quest IX survey yesterday. I already covered most of the results, but forgot to include one because it was just so disturbing.

DQIX keeps track of lots and lots of stats. Included in its tracking are the number of kills you've made of individual enemies.

So what happens when you combine the enemy kill data from 677,350 save files? Square Enix's survey did just that, and this was the result:

Look at that Slime carnage at the top! Over 113 million Metal Kings were killed by this group of a little over half a million. Below that, in number two, was the garden variety Slime with just under 90 million.

Add up all the Slime variants on that chart, and you come to almost 500 million dead!

So why is Metal King in particular such a popular target? According to the survey results page, killing a bunch of Metal Kings gives you a treasure map.

Yep, it's all for the money. Shame on you, Japan.

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