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Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Get a Soundtrack

Three discs with over 3 hours of music.


Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver are big games with a large array of Pokemon to collect. They're about to get a fittingly sized soundtrack.

Announced earlier this week, the Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Music Super Complete soundtrack contains 3 CDs with 270 tracks totaling around 3 hours of music. Outside of the game's main music tracks, the soundtrack also includes the Pokemon Gold and Silver music as recreated via the in-game GB Player.

If you like Pokemon sound, the soundtrack's booklet should have lots of valuable info. The 24 page full color booklet includes comments from the sound staff.

The soundtrack's front (gold) and back (silver).

You can see the full track list at the soundtrack's official site. The page also lists recommendations from the game's sound team, including producer Junichi Masuda, sound director Gou Ichinose, and sound staff members Shouta Gageyama, Hitomi Sato, and Takuto Kitsuta.

Look for the soundtrack on October 28 at ¥2,625.

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