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This is How you Make a Super Robot Taisen Commercial

Shokotan is joined by her newly drafted little sister.


Namco Bandai began airing a new commercial for Super Robot Taisen Neo over the weekend. You can see it here:


Typical for the Super Robot Wars series, the commercial features Shokotan (aka Shouko Nakagawa). This time, she's in the role of a newscaster, and joining her as one of those correspondents who flies around in a helicopter is 12-year-old Kurumi Takahashi.

There's a deeper story behind the choice of Takahashi as Shokotan's counterpart. Takahashi won the Summer Girl's Audition early last month, beating out 17,212 people to become Shokotan's little sister (as an act -- as far as I know, Japan doesn't actually determine family members through audition).

You can see pics of Takahashi in a bathing suit at Snaspo.com, if you're into that sort of thing.

Upon receiving a trophy from Nakagawa at the audition last month, Takahashi said "I'm shocked and happy. I'd like to become an idol who, like Ms. Nakagawa, takes part in a variety of fields."

Shokotan also said something as she handed out the trophy, although I have no idea what it means because she was using her special "Shokotan" speech.

Here's a look at how the above commercial was made.


In case you were wondering, Japan does have a law that requires people to clap when Shokotan enters a room.

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