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Microsoft Readying New Xbox 360 Value Pack

Ace Combat 6 and Lost Planet Colonies to be bundled at no additional charge.


Cover your ears if you game in a territory outside of Japan. Microsoft is offering Japanese players another super value through the latest in its line of Value Pack system bundles.

The Xbox 360 Elite Value Pack is set for release on October 29 at ¥29,800. The package bundles a standard 120 gigabyte Elite system with two third party games: Namco Bandai's Ace Combat 6 and and Capcom's Lost Planet Colonies. Aside from the bundled games the Elite package appears to be the same.

The ¥29,800 pricing makes this a pretty big value for players, as it's the standard pricing for the Elite without the games. In other words, you're getting the two games for free.

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