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A Few Little Bits on 3D Dot Game Heroes

Trailers, parodies, and more.


From Software seems to be kicking its 3D Dot Game Heroes promotional campaign into high gear in anticipation of the game's November 5 release. Here's a bit of what I've seen in the news and around the way.

Yesterday, From shared a new trailer for the game. This clip was first shown at the Yokohama Yodobashi demo event a couple of weeks back. You can stream it here.


Retail promotional materials have started to go out for the game, it seems. While walking around Shibuya yesterday, I saw this poster in Tsutaya:

I haven't conducted a more expansive search yet, so I'm not sure if other retailers are hosting more robust displays. The 3D sprite art would most definitely make for some nice standees. From also said that it plans on using those 3D sprite models from the Yokohama event in upcoming promotions.

The Yokohama demo event marked the first time 3D Dot Game Heroes was playable for the public. On Saturday, From gave a small group of players a chance at a more extended demo, this time in the comfort of From's Shinjuku home office.

As detailed late last week, some players brought cameras to that event and snapped up pics of 3D Dot Game Heroes' loading screens, which feature 3D sprite artwork parodying classic game box art. For those who were unable to figure out what was what in that story, someone has matched up the images with their appropriate boxes:

Final Fantasy V
Chrono Trigger
Mega Man 2
Final Fantasy IV
Illusion of Gaia

See more here.

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