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Wii Winning Eleven to be Bundled with Classic Controller

Nintendo and Konami team up to spread button controls.


It looks like Nintendo and its third parties are intent on making the Classic Controller Pro as ubiquitous as the Wiimote itself. Another Classic Controller Pro bundle is on the way, this time from Konami.

A listing at Konami Style details a black Classic Controller Pro bundle for Winning Eleven Play Maker 2010. The game will sell with the device for ¥7,980, or on its own for ¥6,980. Considering the ¥2,000 price for the Classic Controller Pro on its own, buyers will be saving ¥1,000.

Play Maker 2010 can be played either with the Classic Controller Pro or through the Wiimote and Nunchuck. As with past Play Maker games, the latter allows players to directly point at the screen.

This year's installment of Play Maker hits on December 10.

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