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Date Set for the Final Fantasy XIII Beverage

Ready your your system for FFXIII in early December.


Square Enix and Suntory announced the Final Fantasy XIII Elixir product at last month's Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party, but told the thirsty party goers to wait until October for release details. Those details arrived today along with some high res product images.

This is what the new products look like:

To the left, the Final Fantasy XIII Elixir. Suntory will offer sixteen can variations, each depicting a FFXIII character. These are set for December 8 release, with each can going for ¥191.

To the right, the Final Fantasy XIII Elixir with Trading Arts Mini. This limited edition package bundles a special Elixir can with one of the six figures shown in the image. The Elixir can has artwork of Lightning and Snow. Look for this in shops on December 22, priced at ¥934 per package.

As detailed at the Premiere Party, the Final Fantasy XIII Elixir beverage is meant to replicate Final Fantasy's Elixir item. Each 350ml can contains a full day supply of vitamins B1 and B6. Compared to the previous Dissidia Final Fantasy Potion item, also from Suntory, the Elixir includes three times the royal jelly and four times the caffeine.

The game off which the products are based, Final Fantasy XIII, arrives on December 17.

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