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Spelunker Earns his Keep in 3D Dot Game Heroes

Watch the game's PR character do his thing. Plus, a peak at the back of the box.


From Software has been talking up Spelunker's role in 3D Dot Game Heroes since the game was first announced some months back. Now the character is finally earning his keep!

From released a video today in which Spelunker does his PR duties and talks up the charms of the upcoming retro-styled RPG. Stream the video here:


In other 3D Dot Game Heroes news, the official site's "makers voice" column has been given a few revealing and not-so-revealing updates.

First, some features we already knew about through the various demos sessions. The game has a screenshot feature and a "From Mode" extreme difficulty mode. Here are some screens:

From Mode.
Screenshot mode.

Wondering what happened to those giant 3D sprite models from the Yokohama demo event? They're now guarding the entrance to From's headquarters:

That'll scare off the Shinjuku thugs.

Whew... wouldn't want someone to get an early peak at the next PS2 to PSP port!

Finally, a glimpse at a portion of the back of the game's box:

The post that shared this image was mostly about how the game supports Dolby Digital 5.1. You can also see that the saving takes 1,024KB and that the game does not install.

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