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This DS Game Has Sex Appeal

Alpha Unit makes an appealing case for its new DS game.


Alpha Unit has gotten major attention for its new Monster Finder game by releasing it as the first ever DSi-exclusive retail release.

For its next game to follow Monster Finder, the studio appears to be taking a different approach to making people at least pick up the box:

You don't usually see DS games with real life people on the cover, but it's appropriate here. The cover lady is Ryoko Yunekura, star of The Negotiator, the drama off which the new DS game, appropriately titled The Negotiator DS, is based. The game makes use of live action imagery, so you'll get to see Yunekura just as she looks on the box.

Yunekura will be joined by other cast members:

The Negotiator DS hits some time in December. Unfortunately, Alpha Unit hasn't shared details outside of its first flash report on the game. Today's box art update was presumably timed with the start of season 2 of the television drama on TV Asahi.

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