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Rune Factory Teams with Karaoke Bar

Food items that don't look so organic.


Karaoke chain Pasela has established a name in the video game world through its tie-ups with the Monster Hunter series. Now the chain is teaming up with a game of a markedly different nature from the Japan-beating Capcom franchise.

Marvelous Entertainment announced today a tie-up between Pasela and farming RPG Rune Factory 3. From October 27 through November 26, select Pasela chains in the Tokyo area will feature a special Pasela X Rune Factory 3 Collaborate Menu. Included in the menu are two drinks and four food items (one of which has eyes!). You can see the specifics, including pricing, for yourself in the sample menu Marvelous handed out.

Those who place an order from the menu will receive an original Rune Factory 3 clear file.

According to Marvelous, the six items were chosen during a sampling at the Rune Factory 3 completion press conference in mid September.

Rune Factory 3 hit the DS today. See the game's official site for commentary from the voice actor staff and a promotional video.

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