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Brownie Brown's Next Title Hits in January

Build a garden and collect doodoo in Livly Garden.


Marvelous Entertainment annonced today a final release date for its DS adaptation of So-Net Entertainment's Livly Island service. Titled Livly Garden, the Brownie Brown developed title will arrive on January 28, priced at ¥5,040.

Livly Garden is, as the name might suggest, set in a garden and features Livly, mysterious creatures who eat bugs, poop out gems (the proper term is actually "doodoo"), and wield magic powers. You can deck your garden out with plants and items to make your Livly creature happy.

For a closer look at the game, see the official site.

In addition to the date, Marvelous announced today a bonus item. Those who pre-order Livly Garden will receive a set of three "Transiron Cards." These can be used to make a special DS-only Livly creature appear in the PC-based Livly Island.

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