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New Quests and Cameos For Dragon Quest IX

Team up for four million kills. But be sure to grab some items from DQV's Flora first!


There's lots of new download content info to report for Dragon Quest IX today, including a new story quest, a new visitor, and a collaboration quest.

Friday will see the game's latest quest download. Story quest 147, titled "Driver's Test," can be taken on your flying train car after you've cleared the main game and also made it through quest 146. The Agiro character asks you if you'd like to be able to drive the ship. To get the license to fly, you'll have to fly around the world visiting the former prisoners of Kades Prison in turn. Clear the quest, and you'll get a rare item.

Also on Friday, you'll find another celebrity guest in Rikka's Inn. Dragon Quest V's Flora is DQIX's fifth guest character. What kind of goodies will she bring with her?

Screens from the DS version of Dragon Quest V.

The collaboration quest is a tieup between Famitsu and Yoshimoto Online, a celebrity talk program that's distributed through Yahoo! Live! Titled simply "Famitsu Quest," this quest is a cooperative quest where all Dragon Quest players must combine their forces to defeat four million enemies. As with Square Enix's recent survey quest, participants will have to send in their save file to participate.

The Famitsu quest began on the 21st. To see a list of compatible monsters, check out Famitsu.com's story on the quest.

This is the second tie-up quest between Famitsu and Yoshimoto Online. The first one ran from 10/7 to 10/20 and required that players team up to defeat one million enemies of a particular type. Sadly, players did not meat the goal, only reaching 680,341 kills. The Tenshi no Soma item that was to be given as a reward will have to wait for a later offering.

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