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Famitsu Investigates Price Drop Effect

Which system got the most bang for the lowered buck?

Yodobashi Akiba declared September 3 PS Day coinciding with the PS3 slim's release.

The past few months have seen price drops for all major platforms except the DS. Wondering how effective the cuts have been? Famitsu crunched some numbers and provided a revealing report today.

The chart at the site covers between the first week of August and the second week of October. The systems are represented as light blue for Wii, gold for PSP, dark blue for PS3 and green for Xbox 360.

For the PS3, you can see the big jump in early September as the system saw its price drop and hardware revision. The system has yet to fall back to pre price drop levels.

The Wii's graph is a bit misleading, as the first week of data includes the release of Monster Hunter 3 and the black color variation. It's inaccurate to say that the Wii was on a sharp decline early in the period, although it does seem fair to say that the system was slowly declining. The October 1 price drop brought about somewhat of a boost, although it also coincided with the release of Wii Fit Plus.

PSP and Xbox 360 also saw boosts from their respective price drops. The PSP saw a small drop of 3,000 yen. The 360's price drop was actually just the ¥39,800 Elite replacing the ¥29,800 standard model. The system's Arcade model retained the same price.

In addition to the chart, the Famitsu story has some figures showing how the systems performed following their price drops through October 11 in comparison to the same period the year prior. Wii saw a 29% boost in sales. PSP saw a 126% boost. Xbox 360 actually went down 70%. The big winner was the PS3, which saw a 707% sales increase.

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