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Rainbow Islands Set for 360

Taito adds avatar support for Xbox Live Arcade remake.


Xbox 360 owners have another Taito arcade classic to look forward to. The publisher announced today an Xbox 360 version of Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure, to be released domestically (and presumably worldwide as well) on October 28.

Towering Adventure is a remake of the classic Rainbow Islands game, which has Bubble Bobble series characters Bubby and Bobby building rainbows to climb their way up to the top of a tower. The remake was previously released on the Wii in March.

The 360 version promises story mode, challenge mode, and time attack modes, along with a worldwide one-on-one online competitive Xbox Live Match mode. Those who prefer to compete offline will also find a two player local cooperative mode .

Taito is also using making use of the 360's avatar support. Players will be able to substitute their own Xbox Live avatars for Bubby and Bobby.

Pricing for Rainbow Islands Towering Adventure is set at 800 MS Points.

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