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Square Enix Brings Cell Phone Strategy Title to DSiWare

The next Square Enix download title hits next week.


Square Enix is tapping into its cell phone lineup for its next DSiWare download. Nintendo posted details today on a DSiWare version of Kuni Yaburete Sanga Ari.

The original cell phone version, often translated to English as "Hills and Rivers Remain," was released for iMode in May. As detailed here at that time, the game offers real time strategy with a simple command set and a dramatic story line.

The DSiWare version promises the same real time strategy gameplay. However, Square Enix is updating the interface for stylus controls. Wireless play for four is also supported now, complete with customization options for setting turn limits and item numbers. The wireless mode will feature some exclusive maps.

Look for Kuni Yaburete Sanga Ari on DSiWare on October 28 at 800 DSiPoints.

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