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Spelunker Continues His 3D Dot Game Heroes Push

Check out the latest PV, and take a closer look at the game world.


3D Dot Game Heroes is just a couple of weeks away from release, and spokesperson Spelunker is putting in overtime for the game's promotional activities. From Software has shared the second in a series of videos in which Spelunker details the charms of the upcoming retro-themed RPG.

Part two is titled "Nostalgic but New." Here, Spelunker describes how the game combines nostalgia with high tech PlayStation 3 visuals. Stream it here:


I'd also suggest making a trip to the 3D Dot Game Heroes official site. On Friday, From added a new "world" section (fifth option down on the left menu). Clicking on each part of the world brings up a video or screenshot showing the area of play.

Looks like we can expect a massive world for 3D Dot Game Heroes.

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