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Nintendo Celebrates Pokemon Anniversary with Mew

Plus, take the Pokemon challenge at McDonalds for free burgers.

A Pokemon game you can only play at McDonalds.

Pokemon Gold and Silver turn ten next month, and Pokemon Co. will be celebrating in a big way. The publisher announced today some special download content for the DS's growing array of Pokemon RPGs that will commemorate the big anniversary.

From November 11 through November 23, owners of the recent Gold and Silver remakes, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, will be able to download Mew to their game via DS Station, Nintendo Zone, and other Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Spots. According to Pokemon Co.'s press statement (I have to admit I wouldn't know one way or the other), Mew can't be obtained through standard play.

Owners of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum won't be totally left out of the fun, although they'll have to wait a bit. Pokemon Co. will make the Mew data available for these three titles from January 29 through February 11.

Heart Gold and Soul Silver owners have a second promotion to look forward to as well. Pokemon will offer a special "Nazo no Suishou" (Mystery Crystal) tool for download from November 27 through January 11. With this tool in hand, Heart Gold and Soul Silver members will be able to capture, respectively, Latios and Latias.

McDonalds Japan made a Pokemon-related announcement of its own today. In addition to detailing the above promotions, which can be accessed through Nintendo Zone hot spots as part of the chain's DS at Mac service, DS owners will have access to an original Pokemon game for a limited time. From November 27 through January 11, anyone who brings a DS to McDonalds will be able to download a special Pokemon Quiz de Get! quiz game. Play the quiz five times, and you'll get a coupon for a free Hamburger.

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