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Ikki Tousen: How Much Destruction, How Much Shake?

Our latest look at everyone's favorite exploding breast fighter.


"How far will it be destroyed, how far will it shake?" So asks Famitsu.com about Ikki Tousen Xross Impact in its new look at the recently announced fighter.

I think they're referring to these battle cut-in images:

Ikki Tousen's fighting cast is all female, and as they fight, their clothes slowly disintegrate. One of the big new features for the new PSP entry is that the girls' breasts shake during the cut-ins. I guess Famitsu's editors are wondering how far the clothes will disintegrate, and how violently the breasts will shake.

You can see some examples of the in-game cut-ins in the Famitsu.com article.

There's more to that article than just shattered clothing and jiggling breasts, though. Famitsu.com also managed to get first details on two new additions to the Ikki Tousen cast.

To the left is Ato, who goes by the name "Warrior of Seito Academy." She seems to be planning something, but the details are not clear at present.

To the right is Chinkyu, a second year student at Rakuyou High School. She's childhood friends with the Housen Ryofu character, having been helped out numerous times when picked on by others.

Ikki tousen Xross Impact hits PSP on April 1, 2010 through Marvelous Entertainment.

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