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Marvelous Pricing for New DS Title

New edutainment title costs as much as Tekken 6.


I think we may have a new record for DS pricing. Famitsu.com has a first look at Shin Noukyo Iku, a new DS edutainment title from Marvelous Entertainment that carries the shocking price tag of ¥7,980! That's equivalent pricing to a high profile PS3 and Xbox 360 game! Most DS games run ¥5,040.

The high price appears to be due to the name associated with the title. Marvelous has enlisted the support of Hamagakuen, a school in Gunma Prefecture that has a good record for its students going on to tough higher educational institutes and eventually advancing to the prestigious Tokyo University.

Users will find 17 puzzle types and over 50,000 problems which work the brain in five areas of thought. There are some non-game elements on top of the non-game elements too, as the software will compute your "brain calories" burnt during your play sessions. DSi-exclusive camera support is included as well, allowing users to add a picture to their profile.

Sounds like another quality edutainment title for the DS later this year. But I bet you could learn just as much from Tekken 6, which runs the same ¥7,980.

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