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Spelunker Makes His Third 3D Dot Game Heroes Pitch

Plus, a completely nonsensical retail event schedule.


Spelunker is continuing his big pre-release 3D Dot Game Heroes promotional push. Now with just one week left until release, the Irem retro hero has delivered his third introduction video.

The video shows the game's character growth and customization features. Yes, that means those giant screen-filling sword. Of course, all the footage is set to thick, crunchy 8-bit sounds.

Stream the clip here:


In addition to this video, From Software detailed yesterday a retail tour for 3D Dot Game Heroes. The game -- or elements thereof -- will appear around Tokyo and Osaka according to the following schedule:

  • 10/31: Sofmap GigaStore Nanba (Osaka)
  • 11/3: Messe Sanoh Akihabara (Tokyo)
  • 11/3: Sofmap Akihabara (Tokyo)
  • 11/3: Media Land (Tokyo)
  • 11/3: Ishimaru Denki Akihabara (Tokyo)
  • 11/5: Yodobashi Camera Akihabara (Tokyo)
  • 11/7: Sakuraya Shinjuku (Tokyo)

From will be dispatching those 3D sprite art statues that debuted at the Yokohama demo event. Oddly, they won't appear at all the events. The 10/31 event will see the main Dot Hero character. The 11/3 event will see appearances by Spelunker. The launch day Yodobashi event will feature appearances by both characters.

If you happen to be at the 11/3 events when Spelunker appears, you'll get to try out the game's Spelunker mode. The Spelunker character apparently dies after falling from even the slightest of heights, so this mode should be worth a try.

You can see a video clip of the Spelunker mode at the official site (select the menu option two up from FAQ).

If you choose to attend the Yodobashi event, which I presume is meant to be a launch event of sorts for the game, you'll walk away with a special disc containing limited character data.

I think From's goal is to have players attend multiple demo events. Don't go to Media Land and Ishimaru Denki, though, as the game won't actually be playable at these shops. You'll just get to see Spelunker and a display related to the game.

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