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Virtual On Twin Sticks Gets Final Date

Just one more month until proper VOOT play sessions, and a 30,000 yen credit card bill.


The long wait will at long last be coming to an end for the most hard core of Xbox 360 Virtual On Oratorio Tangram players. Hori will be shipping its long awaited Twin Sticks EX peripheral in late November, with an expected date of arrival set for November 29.

The announcement came today at the Virtual On blog. The device was previously flagged for an unspecified November shipping period.

The Twin Sticks EX on display at the Tokyo Game Show.

The Twin Sticks EX peripheral is being manufactured by Hori specifically for Xbox 360 Virtual On players in Japan. With such a small target audience, it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that the device runs ¥30,000, or about 20 times the price of the game that uses it.

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