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These are the games that made Japan cry

How many Final Fantasies made the list?

I didn't cry during FFX, but my Dreamcast did.

I've never cried when playing a game (or when not playing a game for that matter), but I came close towards the end of Cosmic Fantasy 2.

The classic Working Designs-translated Turbo CD RPG did not make the cut in Oricon's latest poll, which asked people to name the game that most made them cry. The site posted the results, along with sample comments, today.

Final Fantasy X topped the list, with one male in his 20s stating that the fate selected by the main character was too sad. Dragon Quest V came in at second, with one lady in her 30s stating that she cried so hard during the parting scene with Papasu that she couldn't see the screen.

Final Fantasy VII came in at third, but I'm not sure I understand the sample comments. Said one male teen, "Because not only the story, but the BGM for each scene was incredible." A male in his 30s said "The game was interesting, and the Aerith girl left an impression."

Closing out the top five were love sim Clannad in 4th and Mother 2 (aka Earthbound 2) in 5th. For Mother 2, a female teen from Chiba said "From the last boss through the ending, I cried so much that I couldn't see the screen." Take off the goggles next time!

For this survey, Oricon polled 500 members of its Oricon Monitor Research panel between October 2 and October 6.

Hard to believe they found enough people in that 500 to get a game like Clannad in the top 5!

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