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Final Fantasy XIII Official Site Updated

New musical numbers await.


It's time for another Final Fantasy XIII official site update. You know what that means. That's right, a few pieces of information you've probably already heard about the game via Famitsu and the likes.

At the very least, the site now contains new background music themes, including variations on some themes from past trailers. Listen to them, and picture how they'll be used in the game. For fun, experiment with Snow having his shirt on and off. You'll be surprised at how this can change the dynamics of a scene.

Do be sure and listen for at least the fifth song. My speakers almost broke.

The character section now offers a look at Oerba Yun Fang, the mysterious black-haired girl from the Tokyo Game Show trailer who revealed herself (to a shirtless Snow) to be a l'Cie who supports the government. The official site describes her as a mysterious character. She's strong, but not particularly good with showing affection.

Interracial action, or girl on girl action. If only we could choose.

The summon section of the site offers looks at Brynhildr and Bahamut. Brynhildr is Szah's summon. It turns into an armed vehicle which looks a lot creepier on closer inspection. Bahamut is Fang's summon. It turns into... something that has claws and wings.

Finally, the site's novel section has taken delivery of the next two chapters in the Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero Promise prologue. Chapters 4 and 5 of the second volume, "Friends," are now available. The next update should see the start of the third volume.

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