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Tekken 6 Ships 2.5 Million

Namco Bandai makes big push for arcade to home fighter.

Tekken 6's home conversion features guest costumes from famous manga artists.

Who says fighting games are dead? Tekken 6 became the latest home console release to prove that the genre still has some major backing, as Namco Bandai announced today that the game has shipped 2.5 million worldwide. This is presumably a first shipment, as the game hit retail this week.

The apparent success of Tekken 6 isn't unprecedented. Before it, Capcom's Street Fighter IV and Namco Bandai's own Soul Calibur IV managed to ship two million soon after their releases.

Early, extremely unofficial, sales figures indicate first day domestic sales of around 100,000 units for Japan. As with Soul Calibur and SFIV, it's likely that the bulk of Tekken 6's sales will be accounted for overseas.

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