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Bayonetta Was Once a Blonde

Plus, hear what Platinum's gaming queen sounds like in Japanese, and get a glimpse at her sexy dance.


Bayonetta has magic hair that not only extends out to attack her foes, but also serves as her clothing. Given that her hair is black, it shouldn't come as a surprise that her clothing is black too.

Her clothing has always been black, but her hair certainly wasn't! Early design images show the character as a blonde and even redhead! Have a look for yourself:

These designs were shown as part of that recent Bayonetta/Madonna promotional tie-up TV special. According to the show, the Bayonetta character saw over 100 designs before being finalize in the form we all recognize:

Would you like to see the TV special for yourself? Someone uploaded a brief clip from the show to YouTube. You can stream it here, but I'd suggest jumping to YouTube for higher resolution. Be sure and stick around to the end for a glimpse at Bayonetta's sexy dance!

In the video, Bayonetta speaks Japanese. This is something you actually won't hear in the game. Even in the Japanese version of Bayonetta, the character speaks English (with that out-of-place British accent).

The voice actress voicing the character is Atsuko Tanaka. According to her Wikipedia page, Tanaka is also the voice of Lara Croft and, in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, served as the voice of Chun-Li! That's quite a bit of gaming diva under her belt!

[NOTE: I previously wrote that the above video was from the Bayonetta MTV special. It's actually the Madonna special, which aired on BS Japan on October 31.]

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