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PlayStation 3 RPG Flood Official

Nippon Ichi makes early 2010 very crowded for PS3 RPG players.


And you thought your RPG schedule for the next three months was packed when it was just Final Fantasy XIII, End of Eternity, Ar Tonelico 3 and Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope International! Add another major release to that list. Nippon Ichi announced today a January 28 release date for Last Rebellion. Pricing is set at ¥7,140 -- pretty low for a big name RPG.

Last Rebellion promises orthodox RPG gameplay with a less-than-orthodox premise. You take control of Nine and Aisha, two main characters who share a single HP and MP. You'll have to switch off between the two as you work your way through command-based battles.

FFXIII, End of Eternity, Ar Tonelico 3 and Star Ocean 4 marked a clear end to the PS3's RPG drought. Add in Last Rebellion, and we're approaching an RPG flood.

It looks like you'll have a good month to finish up FFXIII, but do be sure and get some rest for the four RPGs that drop between January 28 and February 4.

There's actually a whole lot more on the way for the PS3 than just these four RPGs. Be sure and give a glance at the fully updated PS3 release calendar to plan your gaming in advance.

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