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Check out Pikachu's Happy Box Art

Pokemon Co. may be bad at sharing new details on their games, but they've got a knack for cute box art!


I'd like to say that I have new information on PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Big Adventure. Unfortunately, I really don't have much new worth sharing. A few Japanese previews of the game popped up today, but the information was mostly the same as what I posted here last weeK.

If I had to stretch, here are a couple of points that I think may be new.

The "PokePark" of the title is the setting for the game. I've been referring to it as an amusement park, but some sites refer to it as a place where Pokemon come to play.

In past previews, I've mentioned that PokePark is split into multiple zones. Sample zones include Green Zone, which is thick in trees and vegetation, and Beach Zone, recognizable by its sandy beaches and glaring sun. These zones serve as the settings for the attractions that you can play once you've made friends with visiting Pokemon.

Guess which zone is which!

And that's about i! Actually, rather than wanting to convey the above little bits and pieces, the reason I'm writing this is because Impress Watch provided a super giant shot of the game's box art. Click it, print it, and make mock boxes which you can use to trick your friends into thinking that you have the new Pokemon game in advance.

See how happy the Pokemon are when they're all by themselves on an island resort?

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