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Here's a Bigger Pic of that Massive FFXIII Soundtrack

Plus, details on Square Enix's new soundtrack campaign. Find out how you can gain unlimited access to 4,000 pieces of Square Enix game music.


Square Enix finally got around to announcing the Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack that appeared in retail databases a couple of weeks back.

As detailed then, the Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack will be available on January 27 in standard and limited edition forms. The standard version includes four CDs and is priced at ¥3,990. The ¥5,250 limited edition adds a drama CD with a retelling of the the first chapter of the Episode Zero Promise web novella.

The limited edition also comes in a sweet collectors box package. While the retail listings gave a look at the package, Square Enix shared a larger image today:

Today's announcmeent was accompanied by an official soundtrack website. Aside from what I think may be a new variation on that familiar first trailer theme, there's little in the way of content at present, but Square Enix is usually good about getting track samples up ahead of release, so you may want to check back regularly (I'll be on the lookout myself -- I loves me some FFXIII music).

The official site makes mention of the mysterious "Winter Campaign" that appeared in the retail listings. Those who buy the FFXIII Original Soundtrack along with other soundtracks listed at Square Enix's campaign page will be entered into a chance to win some special presents. Details will be shared in a future update.

The campaign page also details another campaign that Square Enix music fans probably won't want to miss out on. Buy any of the four soundtracks listed at the page, register your points at the Square Enix Members site, and you'll gain access to a music player offering over 4,000 Square Enix musical numbers for free play. These songs can be listened to from December 1 through February 28.

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