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Super SFIV's Juri Was Once Cuter and Chubbier

Find out how one of the game's newcomer fighters came to be.


Super Street Fighter IV newcomer Juri has an erotic side. You can tell because she sticks her tongue out while pummeling her opponents during super moves, like so:

In the latest entry at the Super SFIV development blog, art director Toshiyuki Kamei shared some details into how the Juri character came into being. As usual, the post was made in an interview form.

The character's design originally started with orders from producer Yoshinori Ono to make a female Korean character. Not necessarily an erotic female Korean character, though. According to Kamei, taking all hair and clothing variations into account, there were originally some 400 or 500 ideas for the character. Some ideas included an old woman and an ice skater.

Early on, they decided to make Juri into a "bad and somewhat erotic" character. Ono suggested showing the side of her breasts, leading to the character's current top design. Kamei refers to the design as being like a spider.

The character's face went through five or six changes over the course of her development. This appears to be on the low side, as Kamei noted that Super's development time is shorter than that of SFIV's.

The character was originally cuter and chubbier. They gradually thinned her out, with Kamei admitting that they at one point went too far and had to revert a bit.

There's a pic at the blog showing the character in a modeling program. I'm not totally sure, but it looks like it might be from an older model. You can see it here compared to a final version of the character.

Also featured in the blog post is the game's scenario designer, a Ms. Kawasaki. Kawasaki revealed, laughing, that Ono asked for Juri's personality to be strong, like a Korean person anger and coming to protest.

Her scenario required that she be on the enemy side of the story, but not necessarily a member of S.I.N.. There was a debate on making her a part of Shadaloo or S.I.N., the difference being that her scenario would have to tie into either Bison or Seth. They decided to go with S.I.N, since Juri is a new addition with the SFIV phase of the franchise. The crystal that's in Juri's eye was added to tie the character in with Seth.

While this week's development blog provided some valuable insight into the Juri character, the real goods on Super will come later this week. As promised in last week's Friday blog post, we can expect some major announcements for this week's Friday official site update.

As usual, those announcements have already leaked out through Famitsu and include confirmation that the car and barrel bonus rounds will be back, along with details on the game's network play options, which now include 2on2 or 4on4 team battles, an endless battle mode, and a replay channel.

Expect specifics, and hopefully official media, later this week.

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