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Space Invaders Extreme DSi Detailed

Taito delivers shrunk down port of Extreme 2.


I shared a flash report on Space Invaders Extreme Z earlier today. That was based off a special page Nintendo had set up for the DSi Ware title just as it became available for download today. Since then, I've managed to get some new details via actual press information handed out by Taito.

Space Invaders Extreme Z is a shrunk down port of Space Invaders Extreme 2, a retail DS release that hit back in March. It retains the same rhythm-themed gameplay of that title.

Taito has tuned the game to provide a simple play experience for everyone (and, presumably, to justify the price cut to 500 yen). The game now has just two modes: time attack and score attack. The notion of "stages" is now gone; you can play on three courses of difficulty level, each featuring different invader formations. The game also limits you to your initial three lives.

Interested parties can download Space Invaders Extreme Z for 500 DSi Points today.

Taito refers to this as its first DSi Ware game. Perhaps we can look forward to more from the DS heavy publisher in the future.

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