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Kingdom Hearts Gets Another Piano Soundtrack

More piano tunes immediately after Birth by Sleep's release.


The Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts soundtrack was released in May and offered piano renditions of some of the series' most popular themes. It was apparently a success, as Square Enix is readying a followup.

The new album is titled Piano Collections Field & Battle. As suggested by the name, the focus this time will be on field and battle music.

One of the big marketing pushes for the original Piano Collections was that fans were able to vote on the songs that made the final cut. This time, Kingdom Heats composer Yoko Shimomura is making the selections for herself.

Look for the new soundtrack on January 13 at ¥2,500. A January 13 release date seems to be just perfect for Kingdom Hearts fans. Just four days prior, Birth By Sleep hits PSP.

Square Enix opened a special site for the soundtrack today featuring a sample song along with a special message from Shimomura. In the message, the composer notes that one preview song for the soundtrack was included on the Square Enix Music Sampler CD Vol.4 disc that was handed out at the Tokyo Game Show. Sadly, she said that Square Enix isn't set just yet to reveal the final track list.

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