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Zelda's Special Stylus

Nintendo readies a sweet little bonus for buyers of the new DS entry.


Nintendo has been awfully quiet regarding Zelda Spirit Tracks here in Japan, but today the silence was at last broken with the opening of a new official site for the game.

The site looks a little something like this:

Looking for things to click on? Look hard, because there isn't much there at present. The site is in a teaser state.

The only clickable area takes you to this:

That's an image of the transparent feather touch pen Nintendo will be giving away to buyers on launch day. This is a early buyer bonus, so there's technically no need to pre-order (there usually isn't either way), but you'll want to get to your game shop early to make sure stock doesn't run out.

Zelda Spirit Tracks hits here on December 23, priced at ¥4,800 and carrying the full Japanese name of Zelda no Densetsu: Daichi no Kiteki. The game is scheduled for release outside of Japan earlier in the month. Check with your local representatives to see if Nintendo has a similar promotion in the works for your part of the world.

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