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God Eater Gets a Godly Demo

Ten missions, custom characters, and ad-hoc play for upcoming sampler.

Sample God Eater in just a few weeks.

Looks like Namco Bandai is out to top Sega's recent generous Phantasy Star Portable 2 demo. The publisher announced today a demo of upcoming Monster Hunter killa' God Hand, and like the Sega demo, it's packed with content.

The 150 megabyte demo will include five tutorial missions, four special missions exclusively for the demo build, and one challenge mission, for a total of ten missions in all. All but the tutorial missions are playable via ad-hoc for up to four players.

You'll also get to try out some of the game's customization options. You'll be able to create three characters, which can be later imported into the final version of God Eater. The demo will also let players make use of materials that they get by clearing missions and killing enemies to create items and strengthen weapons.

One of the main points of note Namco Bandai likes to make about God Eater is that it has a major story with personable characters, something that its Monster Hunter rival is lacking. The demo will give you a chance to sample a section of the story's opening event sequence.

Famitsu.com will be distributing the demo exclusively from November 19 through November 25. You'll need to be a registered member at the site in order to make the download.

Starting November 26, Namco Bandai will make the demo available via PlayStation Store and a special demo site.

For those without internet access (and, presumably, collectors), a retail version of the demo will be offered in early December. The UMD version will offer Memory Stick install, allowing you to copy it and distribute it to friends. Details on the retail distribution will be announced in a future update.

If you like what you see in the demo, God Eater sees a full retail release on February 4.

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