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Yoichi Wada Not Worried About Final Fantasy XIII Sales

Square Enix has bold sales plans for the second half of the year.

Fang doesn't appear to be too worried.

Final Fantasy XIII will hit retail in a little over a month. By that time, the PS3 will probably still be a good ways from the 4 million sold mark. Does this mean FFXIII won't be able to match is predecessors in sales?

Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada doesn't seem to think so. As reported at ITMedia, Wada, speaking during a financial briefing on the 5th, rejected the possibility of FFXIII not selling well domestically.

According to the site, Wada used the sales patterns of FFX and FFXII to support his case for strong FFXIII sales. When FFX was released in 2001, the PS2 had a user base of 4.7 million systems domestically. The game went on to sell 2.3 million units in its first three months of release. Years later, at the time of FFXII's 2006 release, the PS2 had a 18.9 million unit user base. FFXII sold 2.2 million units, or around the same level of FFX.

If XIII sells to the same percentage of users as X did back in 2001, it will see sales in the millions.

Said Wada, "PS3 sales continue to increase. We're bundling PS3 and FFXIII, and can expect even further sales increases. Orders for FFXIII are definitely not bad."

You can see an English-language PDF containing slides from the earnings briefing here.

Of particular note is this slide:

It shows Square Enix's software sales expectations across all territories for the current fiscal year. The company expects total software sales to reach 26 million units. For the first half of the fiscal year (April through September), sales reached 12.07 million.

Japan will make up the bulk of that total at 13 million units, matching the combined 6 million of North America and 7 million of Europe. In the first half of the year, Japan sold 5.57 million units, leaving 7.43 million to go. Square Enix presumably expects big numbers from Final Fantasy XIII, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, as well as continued sales of Dragon Quest IX. But I imagine they'll need some big hits outside of these to reach that figure.

Impress Watch also has coverage from the briefing. For those waiting for FFXIII in English, the site reports Wada as saying that development on the game's overseas version is progressing well. He also indicated that it's possible Square Enix could get the game out internationally before the end of the fiscal year.

The Impress story also reports current sales of 4.2 million units for Dragon Quest IX.

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