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Super Street Fighter IV Modes Detailed

New online play modes, and a first look at the bonus rounds.


The big announcement promised last week at the Super Street Fighter IV official blog saw the expected leaks earlier this week. Today, Capcom followed through with a full update at the game's official site, providing lots of additional details.

As hinted at for months now, bonus rounds are back for Super Street Fighter IV. The system section of the official site contains a look at car and barrel bonus rounds, both of which should be familiar from older SF titles.

The page confirms that the bonus stages can be played not just in the game's Arcade Mode, but in Challenge Mode as well. Once you've cleared a bonus stage in arcade mode, you'll be able to select it in Challenge Mode (you'll also be able to skip the bonus stage in future play sessions).

Also getting a full introduction at the site are the game's new network features. The network section introduces the following:

Endless Battle

An endless online tournament playable by up to eight. The loser of each fight goes to the end of the line and waits for another chance to fight. Players who aren't fighting can watch the fight and take part in voice chat. This mode continues as long as players are online. You're free to switch characters during the course of play.

Team Battle

Team battle supports up to eight players, with two teams ranging from 1 to 7 players on each team. That's right, you can have seven players gang up on a single super World Warrior. You can also set the game to manually create your teams, using player points to create two equal sides. Once you've created a team, you can choose to manually set the order in which your members participate, or you can have the game choose for you. As with the Endless Battle Mode, players who aren't fighting can watch the current fight.

Replay Channel

This mode lets you "gather" and "view" replay data. The replays are viewed in streaming form through "channels," which can be viewed simultaneously by other players. Those viewing the same channel can engage in voice chat.

The replay channels are split up into themes, examples being a channel consisting of boss characters and one with newcomer fighters.

Replays that you happen to like can be added to your My List. Replays on this list can be viewed and edited (I'm not sure about the extents of the editing). When viewing your My List, you don't get sthe communication aspects of this mode -- it's just your own personal channel.

Tournament Mode

Not all the content will ship on the Super Street Fighter IV disc. Capcom plans on offering a Tournament Mode via download following release. This mode promises the following features:

  • Tournament for up to eight players
  • Players can watch the matches of others
  • Voice chat compatible (for up to 9 players -- including the person who arranges the tournament)
  • Can save replays, even for fights that you watch
  • You can give special titles to winners
  • The tournament progression and results have been made visual. (I'm not sure what this means exactly.)

The trailer section of the site offers a look at all these modes, along with a few precious seconds of the game's ink art.

Also seeing a major update at the site is the character section. You can now click to hear character voices.

For next week, the official blog promises details on the upcoming Street Fighter IV official tournament.

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