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Yakuza 4: What is Rio's Mystery Job?

Pretend hostess Noa Mizutani descends into the basement where real adult entertainment star Rio is doing something.


This is Rio:

She's an adult entertainment specialist.

She's also a video game character, thanks to Sega. A few months back, Sega held a contest to find girls to serve as the basis for the hostesses who appear in the upcoming Yakuza 4. Rio was one of the chosen seven.

Thus far, the Yakuza 7 have promoted Yakuza 4 through appearances at the Tokyo Game Show, where they took pics with commoners, like so:

Their latest promotion kicked off today. Sega opened Kamiyacho Kyaba Jou TV, a video site featuring promotional clips of the girls.

Currently, outside of the hostess audition clip that was first shown at TGS, the site has two videos.

One is titled "If You Lose, XX" and shows three of the girls, Saito Shizuka, Ikki Chihiro, and Elena Aihara, along with Elena's little sister Koyuki, playing games in Sega's Joyopolis arcade. This video is notable because Elena's little sister is freaking hot!

The losers of the game tournament will undergo some sort of embarrassing punishment. We won't get to see what that is until the next installment.

The other video is a bit... weirder. It's titled "Breaking in on Rio's Shoot! Part 1?" and features Noa Mizutani and Rio.

Here's what we know after watching the video:

1. Mizutani, for some reason, starts the clip off bent over backwards.

2. Rio comes running out of her work place. I'm pretty sure she's only partially clothed.

3. Mizutani asks Rio if she's nervous ahead of her shoot. Rio says she's very nervous.

4. Mizutani asks, "Is the shoot all men?" Rio's answer is, "For the most part... the person giving the directions is a man... yes, there are a lot of men."

5. To get to Rio's shoot, Mizutani has to descend into a basement.

6. Mizutani is extremely nervous as she approaches the studio.

The question is, what is Rio shooting?

We won't find out until the next installment. But, whatever Rio is doing, I hope it involves Elena's little sister.

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