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Meaning Behind the Tales of Vesperia School Costumes

There's a bit of cultural significance behind this particular set of extremely overpriced download content.


Owners of the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia now have access to school-themed premium costumes for their characters. Namco Bandai made the costumes available on October 29, each priced ¥300.

The costume names caught my attention. While their official names are of the form "Yuri's Full Costume: School Edition," each costume also has a description indicating its theme.

Here's a translation:


The upperclassman you can depend on.


The school's Madonna.


The "pashiri" (person who's made to do things for someone else) who will be the bancho (leader) in the future.


The mysterious exchange student.


The health teacher you look up to.


The right hand assistant to the bancho (leader).


The ideal student and head of the student's association.


The granddaughter of the legendary council head.

If you ever find yourself in a Japanese school, now you'll know who's who.

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