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Looks Like They've Finally Found All Those DoDonPachi Bugs

Arika CEO provides an update on DoDonPachi Gate.

This is what the fuss is over.

How hard is it to port a 2D vertical shooter to the Xbox 360 -- you know, that system that did Gears of War 2? Apparently, it's pretty tough.

There are a number of examples of developers facing issues with their shooter port jobs, but the worst case is easily DoDonPachi Black Label Extra. Following its February release, publisher 5pb. came clean on some major bugs, and promised a fix. A month later, it pulled the game off retail shelves, but maintained its promise of a bug fix. Three months later, it introduced us to what I've come to call (rather annoyingly, I know) DoDonPachi Gate, the sordid tale of Aqua Systems, developer of the 360 version, having made use of unauthorized source code from the PS2 version for the 360 port job. At the time, Arika, the development house behind the original arcade version, said that it will would be taking over duties on the patch.

Well, it's November, and there's still no patch. But it does seem that progress is being made -- ever so slowly. In a post at his blog on Friday, Arika CEO Ichiro Mihara said that the game has 27 major bugs. They're currently looking into how they'll go about releasing a patch, and hope to have the following: an update which lets players play through the game without any trouble, followed by a "complete version," released as a paid download. That's right, they're going to be charging for the "complete" version!

DoDonPachi was originally scheduled for 360 release in December of last year before suffering a last minute delay to February, so this has pretty much become a year long ordeal.

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