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Nintendo Offers WiiWare Club Nintendo Bonus

Ultrahand returns as a new type of bonus item.


A new class of bonus item appeared at the Club Nintendo rewards site today. Members now have access to a WiiWare game, Wii de Ultrahand (Ultrahand on the Wii). While the service has seen a number of special DS carts, this is the first time a Wii game has been up for offer.

Wii de Ultrahand is a digital version of the classic Ultrahand toy that Nintendo first released in 1966. The familiar toy lets its users reach out and grab distant objects.

The WiiWare adaptation uses the Wiimote and Nunchuck to mimic the Ultrahand's two levers. You hold the two controllers in vertical mode.

Original (left) and WiiWare (right).

Based off Nintendo's information page, the game appears to have just one mode of play, where you use your digital Ultrahand to grab meat off a distant grill and place it on a plate in front of you. Drop a piece of meat away from the plate, and the game ends. You can achieve combos by grabbing properly cooked meat consecutively, and also have access to powerups which increase your grill's heat.

In addition to solo play, the game supports two player competitive play. Players attempt to get the most meat to their own plate within 90 seconds. You can also grab your opponent's meat, stealing points in the process.

The original Ultrahand toy cost ¥600 back at its release. The WiiWare version costs just 50 Club Nintendo points, making it the cheapest Club Nintendo bonus yet. Your 50 points will get you a product code which can be used to download the product for free.

It's unclear if Nintendo will be giving the game a more general release for non members.

[note: I previously mistakenly wrote the name as "Ultraband" instead of the correct "Ultrahand." My apologies to anyone who downloaded the wrong game.]

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