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Let's Check out Final Fantasy XIII's Fields

Well, one of them at least. Square Enix provides an official look at Palumpolum.


Square Enix opened up a new section at the Final Fantasy XIII official site today. You've seen the characters. You've seen the summons. Now get set for a look at the game's "fields."

For this first update, the site offers a look at Palumpolum. This merchant city is a major city in Cocoon. It has a range of sub areas, including an Industrial Ward, sections that look like dimly lit dungeons, and even an area that has been partially crystalized.

Most of the screenshots released last week were from Palumpolum:

Square Enix seems intent on pointing out how little FFXIII loads, as the site's description of Palumpolum notes that you'll be able to move between the various areas of the city with hardly any loading.

"Hardly," eh?

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