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No Tales of Vesperia for Wii

Voice actor admits that he got his Tales crossed.

No Pirate Patty for Wii owners, although Graces does include her costume.

Voice actor Rikiya Koyama got the internet abuzzin' on Friday when he made a blog post suggesting that Tales of Vesperia was on the way to Wii. Was Namco Bandai readying the PS3 and Xbox 360 Tales game for a surprise console port?

Many immediately suspected that Koyama had confused Tales of Vesperia with Tales of Graces, which is due for Wii release on December 10. Those suspicions were correct. Koyama updated the post today with a note stating that he did indeed mix up his Tales.

Koyama apologized to related parties. Strangely, he did not fix the original text, which still says "Tales of Vesperia is out on the Xbox and PS3, and will next appear on the Wii." There's just a correction note below the offending paragraph. Hope new readers real all the way to the end!

Koyama, voice of Vesperia's Duke Pantarei, wasn't totally wrong in suggesting that Vesperia would make an appearance in some capacity on Wii. Graces will include Vesperia costumes as a free bonus item.

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