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More G.G. Series Games

Genterprise details four upcoming DSiWare releases.


Genterprise is continuing with its G.G Series of DSi Ware games through four more titles due out later this year.

November 18th will see Tetsubou and Drift Circuit. These will be followed some time in December by Black X Block and Vertex. As always, pricing is set at 200 DSi Points per title.

Here are some basic details on each game.

G.G Series Tetsubou

An action/sports game where you make your character leap between steal rods like a gymnast. Controls are simple. You make your character swing left and right using the d-pad, then jump with the A button. You have to make sure your rotation and jump timing are just right, or you'll miss.

G.G Series Drift Circuit

An overhead racing game where you use drifts to pass up your rivals. The game offers easy, normal, and hard modes of play.

G.G Series Vertex

In this block puzzle game, you shoot at incomplete shapes that come falling from above. The shapes are missing vertices, which you must replace them by shooting via Y, X, and A depending on the missing points.

G.G Series Black X Block

A puzzle game where you move black boxes around in order to complete paths and guide a tiny character to the goal in a time limit.

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