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Japan Lines Up for... Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

Lines form in Akihabara for import copies.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is not yet out here in Japan. But it's still managed to draw one of those lines we're all familiar with from major Japanese game launches.

This pic has been floating around the tubes:

I can't confirm this for myself, as the sign is a bit blurry, but the line is apparently for an overseas version of Modern Warfare 2. The shot was taken at video game shop AsoBitCity in Akihabara.

Square Enix is delivering an actual Japanese version of Modern Warfare 2 exactly one month from today, on December 10. That's a fast turnaround for a foreign game (cough -- Gears of War 2 -- cough), but apparently some players just can't wait.

Now I wonder which version they were buying?

[Seen at My Game Flash.]

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